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We're investing in IT-centric SaaS, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and IT-centric E-Learning companies to see them succeed for years to come.

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You & GWT 

Great Western Technologies is a firm led by one of the most skilled and experienced teams in Denver, CO. 

We are an IT-Centric Private Equity Firm focused on people-enabled disruption and growth. 

Our mission is to deliver the best emerging technology to the entrepreneurs that need it most. 

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Areas of Expertise 

Partners. Visionaries. Disruptors.

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Service Providers

Great technology is still implemented and managed by great people. That's why Great Western Technologies focuses on partnering with Value-Added Resellers (VARs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Custom Developers, and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

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B2B IT-centric SaaS is the next evolution of a service provider. And our partners create intelligent and automated software that allows us to service more customers by doing more with less.

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Over 90% of all data breaches are due to human error. That's why E-Learning that focuses on professional IT certifications and end-user cybersecurity training is the backbone of our current workforce.

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Emerging Technology

Emerging Technologies are introducing a new level of speed, security, organization, and efficiency to existing IT. Therefore GWT places a great deal of focus on AI, big data, voice, virtual reality, blockchain, IoT, data analytics, and cloud computing companies.

Financial Advisor

GWT's Rules For Integration Success

We have the best earn-outs in the industry vis-à-vis a ballooning profits interests and a second bite of the apple with equity in the newco for the owners that sell to us.

    1. The Vison – is there a realistic yet compelling vision for the long-term future together? 

    2. The Leadership – did the company immediately clarify leadership and roles 

    3. Growth – how does 1 + 1 = 3 in the near future while accounting for customers, capabilities, costs, and culture? 

    4. Early wins – plan for and accomplish early wins to create momentum and unity. 

    5. The Culture – Do cultural differences exist, and how can they be turned into benefits? What's the company's plan to keep employees from leaving (cash and non-cash)? 

    6. Communication – Is there a detailed communication plan? Are the proper people and mediums being used to communicate? 

    7. Risk Management – Is risk addressed defensively and reactively, and how can risk be turned into gains? 

    8. Our Board of Directors and IT Consultants will oversee technical & operational integration and set a clear process for the C-Suite to follow. 

    9. Culture integration is the biggest pitfall in most M&A transactions, so at GWT, we believe that each subsidiary should stand on its own 2 feet to avoid a culture clash while leveraging synergies in the GWT ecosystem.  



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